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EV Cable 16A 3 Phase 11kW Type 2 Male to Female

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EV Charging Gun Overview

EV Cable 16A 3 Phase 11kW with 16ft/5m Type 2 Male to Female.jpg

EV Charging Gun another name Mode 3 EV charging cable types. Mainly for Europe market, it needs to be used with a Mode A EV charger. It mainly have two types, Type 1 to Type 2 and Type 2 to Type 2. The cable can be straight or spring. EV charging gun specifications, generally the length is 5m by default. It passed CE, TUV, CCC, ROHS etc certifications. Handwe EV Charging Gun are safe with reliable quality and perfect performance.

EV Cable (16A 3 Phase 11kW) with 16ft/5m Type 2 Male to Female Extension Cable

Products Model: HW2T216A3

11kW, with 5m black cable, meet IEC 62196-2 standard

Higher safety level, support outdoor using

Authoritatively certificated from CE

1-year warranty for after-sale service

Customized service on LOGO, length, color and inner box


HW2T216A1TYPE 2 to TYPE 216A13.6KW
HW2T216A3TYPE 2 to TYPE 216A311.0KW
HW2T232A1TYPE 2 to TYPE 232A17.2KW
HW2T232A3TYPE 2 to TYPE 232A322.0KW
HW1T216A0TYPE 1 to TYPE 216A/3.6KW
HW1T232A0TYPE 1 to TYPE 232A/7.2KW

Technical Data


Rated current:  16A                   

Working voltage:  440V AC     

Insulation resistance:  >500M Ω

Terminal temperature rise:  <50K

Withstand voltage:  2500V

Contact impedance:  0.5m Ω Max

Mechanical life :  plug in/out > 20000 times

Waterproof Protection degree:  IP67

Maximum altitude:  <2000m

Environment temperature:   -40℃ ~ +75℃

Relative humidity:  0-95% non-condensing

Standby power consumption:  <8W

Cable Sheath material:  TPU/TPE 5*2.5mm²+1*0.5mm²

Cable Length:  5m or customize

Shell Material:  Thermo Plastic ( Insulator inflammability UL94 VO)

Contact Pin:  Copper alloy, silver or nickel plating

Sealing gasket:  rubber or silicon rubber

Certificate:  TUV UL CE FCC ROHS IK10 CCC

type 2 to type 2 charging cable.jpeg


Stronger and anti-aging

Meet the newest EN standard

More environmentally friendly, halogen-free

More resistant to cold and keep flexible at -40℃

More resistant to bending and longer service life

type 2 to type 2 charging plugs.jpeg


Self-cleaning function on pins

Unique integrated design, stronger

Temperature monitoring on plugs (patented)

Better conductivity and higher energy transmission efficiency

Instructions for use

EV Cable 16A 3 Phase 11kW Type 2 Male to Female use instruction.jpg

This product is special designed for electric vehicle charging, generally called a mode 3 EV charging cable used to connect EV charger and electric car. There are two types according to different car end plugs: Type 1 cable and Type 2 cable. This product has a unique integrated design and strong structure which can be used outdoor and in rainy environment. It could also withstand the crushing of a vehicle. The product is equipped unique temperature monitor system. To ensure the safe operation, it will automatically cut off the charging current when the temperature is over set value.


EV Cable 16A 3 Phase 11kW Type 2 Male to Female package.jpg

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